Heritage Point Compost Facility

Heritage Point is home to Roanoke's first compost facility. 2022 is an exciting year as The Harvest Collective increases our capacity and expands our food scrap collection program. The Heritage Point facility is under development and at capacity it will divert roughly 440 tons of food waste from Roanoke City annually.

As we expand, we will pick up food scraps from our community on bi-weekly and monthly schedules. We will offer commercial subscriptions, create community drop-off sites, and residential options as we expand.

With the help of a 45+ Year Compost Industry Veteran, we have designed a series of Aerated Static Piles (ASPs) to process 17,000 pounds of food waste per week from our community. ASPs create an environment for thermophilic (or hot) composting, accelerating the normal composting process by maintaining higher levels of oxygen. An air blower creates positive pressure, forcing air through a manifold at the base of the pile. ASPs remove the need to turn the compost piles during the active phase of composting.

Additionally, we will provide a variety of products in our second year as we develop in partnership with the silent earth-movers, worms. Worms will help us bring additional rich nutrients to growers in Roanoke in the form of vermicompost and compost teas. These products are excellent for amending soil and repelling unwanted pests. They also increase the microbial activity of soil making nutrients available to plants. Customers can also purchase these worms as bait for fishing or kitchen-scale composting worm bins.